Finding Joy

Just last Friday, I was helping get ready for a tea my mom, sister and I were hosting by picking the meat off two chickens. Mind you, picking the chicken is one of my least favorite jobs to do in the kitchen! As I was sitting there picking away, I was tempted to complain and feel sorry for myself in my heart. But the title of my blog came quickly to my mind, “joy in the little things”. So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I began to think about ways I could find joy, even in picking a chicken. I thought about how we would be able to eat the yummy meat. Then I prayed a bit. Next, I started humming a hymn and pretty soon I was thinking picking a chicken was really not all that bad! I suppose accepting and doing the “little things in life” with joy and gladness is what the Christian life is all about. Many people are not famous and have regular, everyday jobs. My life is not glamorous, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world! I love being able to help my family in hospitality and I am learning to be content in the mundane jobs, even picking the meat off a chicken carcass.

The end result!

The end result!


2 thoughts on “Finding Joy

  1. You’re the best Heather. Thanks for the timely reminder.
    (And I’m sure,….*cough* …. the chicken was out of this world.) 🙂

  2. I was thinking of you this morning, dear friend, as I prepared Friday night’s leftover roast chicken for Monday night’s chicken noodle soup–what a joy to serve my family in such a small way.

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