Happy Birthday, Rachel!



Fifteen years ago yesterday we welcomed into our home my dear sister, Rachel. Being nearly twelve years old at the time, I rejoiced to have a sister born after five brothers!! Don’t get me wrong- I love my brothers, each of them. But there is something about having a sister that is really special. 😉

We have shared a room ever since she was born, and now that she is growing up into a young lady, our friendship is blossoming and grows deeper each year. Being in the middle of all the boys, she loves playing with them and keeps up quite well. She also is maturing in her domestic abilitites and loves caring for children. There were several times over the past couple years that we were able to serve other families together by watching children during difficult seasons in their lives. Working alongside each other is such a priveledge and a blessing!

May the Lord continue to bless you Rachel, in this next year. I look forward to seeing how God will work in your life. I love you!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rachel!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL! I hope this year is wonderful for you and that God blesses you immensely in it! 🙂

    Psalm 4:3- “But know that the LORD has set apart him that is godly (you!) for Himself: the LORD will hear when I call to him.”

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!Rachel, GBY(God Bless You), I have a question, did you recived my mail??? I hope that yes!!, God bless you and bless your family too=)

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