Happy Birthday, Joseph! … and an Engagement!



Joseph turned eight this week! My brothers are all growing up, faster than I can keep up at times. It seems like just yesterday that he joined our family, small, helpless and precious…

Joseph has grown much in the past year, both in his schooling and in his knowledge of God. His diligence in doing his chores around the house and his delight in learning new things brings joy to my heart! He has memorized many Scripture verses and recites them nearly every weekday. His love of life keeps us all young and laughing!

This year, we celebrated his birthday by going on a scavenger or treasure hunt. The hunt had a dual purpose- fun for the birthday boy AND a special way for Josiah to propose to Melody! If you would like to read about the special event you can click here. What a joy it is to begin to welcome Melody into our family. She has been a dear friend of mine for years already, so I eagerly await the day when she will become my sister-in-law!! God is so good!

The happy couple- Josiah & Melody!

The happy couple- Josiah & Melody!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Joseph! … and an Engagement!

  1. Heather, thank you. You’re such a blessing to me… and I can’t believe the Lord is giving me not just one, but two sisters soon 🙂 Yes, the Lord is good!!

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