Happy Birthday, Jonathan!



Jonathan’s birthday was the end of last week. I was two when Jonathan was born, and am told that I eagerly drank lots of mom’s laborade while waiting for his arrival! I called him “Shonashin” (Mom and Dad said it sounded like I was saying sausage!), as it was hard for my two year old mouth to say Jonathan. We often played together growing up, although there was a distinct boy/girl difference in how we saw things. 🙂 He loves history and especially enjoyed reading about the Civil War as a boy. He is a hard worker and started a lawn mowing business for neighbors with Josiah when they were 15 and 13. The business has been passed down through the brothers, each one taking a turn at running the operation. Now, my little brother is grown up and currently living in Iraq as a Marine. I miss having him around, but am grateful for the times when he calls home and we can catch up! May the Lord bless you, Jonathan. I hope you had a good birthday! I love you very much!


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

  1. A very happy birthday to you Jonathan!
    We’re praying for you.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis,
    Johann Van De Leeuw

  2. I know that you don`t meet me but I met 5 of your family, I`m from the Dominican republic, Congratulations!!!!!! I hope that God will give you the desires of your hearth.

    I`m praying for you, I hope that God protect you.

    God Bless You
    I`m learning english ignore my mistakes=s

  3. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! It amazes me how many people think of me while I am here in Iraq. Magdiel your English is great. I talk to many people from other countries like Nepal, India and Sri Lanka who work here in Iraq they don’t know that much English either, but it is fun to talk with them.

  4. jejeje!, yes I know, hey, thanks!!!!!!……and God Bless You! I`m going to write you……other day,,,, ´cause now I `m in exams!! in the school!
    But GBY!

  5. Johann,

    No my sister took the picture on a camping trip in Wake Forest, NC last summer. By the way, I really like your latin phrase in your first comment. It is one of my favorite phrases. Another one which I am sure you have heard of is, “Si vis pacem, para bellum.”


    Ask Heather, but I am pretty sure she used to pronounce my name the same way when I was a baby. I don’t know since I was a baby then, but that’s what I have been told. 🙂


    Write when you are not busy, I would love hearing from you. Hope your exams are going good. Thanks and God bless you too.

  6. Actually, I haven’t heard of “Si vis pacem, para bellum”.
    Is not Parabellum a German cartridge?

  7. You are right, Parabellum is a German cartridge in the 9mm family (9x19mm). The company that made the ammunition named it after their Latin motto “Si vis pacem, para bellum” which means “If you seek peace, prepare for war”.

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