Our Wedding Day… Part 1

Our wedding day… January 9th dawned a perfect day, despite the weather forecast predicting more snow on top of the 8 or so inches that had already fallen! I had hoped that our wedding day would be snowy, but not snowing when people would be traveling. God answered our prayers, and right before the wedding started, the sun came out, casting its rays over the afternoon! The photographer captured several pictures before the wedding started of the guys and ladies seperately. 

My amazing and wonderful Mom placing my veil in my hair

My Mom is amazing in so many different ways… not only has she home educated all of her children (and continues to home educate those still in school), she also sewed my wedding dress, nearly all the bridesmaids dresses and the flower girl dress. My Mom was a resident seamstress for the three months before our wedding, for which I am so grateful! We saved quite a bit of money and were able to make modest, lovely dresses for all the ladies involved. Thank you, Mom, for your hours and hours of labor on my behalf! I love you so very much!!  

~Mother and daughter~

Samson and his Mom enjoying a special moment before the wedding

The excited bride- amazed that THE day has finally arrived!

Samson and his best-man- his Dad and best friend!

Me with my maid of honor, my sweet sister and best friend, Rachel!


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