Wedding Day, Part 3…

I have a spare minute, so I am going to share a few more pictures from our wedding day! On July 9th we will be married for six months- a wonderful six months!! Our love for each other has deepend with each passing day, and my admiration of my husband’s steadfast character continues to grow. I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing him into my life in His perfect timing!

Enjoy the photos!

Joseph & Timothy, ring-bearers, look up to their new brother-in-law

Emarie, our sweet flower-girl, not quite sure if she wants to smile for the camera!

Trying to get a little smile from her...

The ceremony begins…

Lighting of the candles by our parents

The men waiting for the ceremony to begin...

Preparing the way for the bride!

Exchanging a tender glance before walking down the aisle

Giving of the bride, with a charge by my father to both of us

Neat aisle view

Both our families gathered around us to pray over our marriage

Exchanging our vows

Exchange of rings

First kiss- yea!

Lighting of unity candle

"Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Samson Dubina!"

Floating on clouds... the happily married couple!

Gazing into each other's eyes...

Proud parents encircling the newly married couple

Heather's side of the family

Samson's side of the family

Our wedding party

Yes, we were a bit goofy!!

Artistic effect 🙂

Entering reception, "Mr. & Mrs. Samson Dubina!"

Listening to a toast by Rachel, my maid of honor

Cutting of the cake, made by our loving pastor's wife

The receiving line with many happy friends and relatives

Getting ready to leave for our honeymoon

Leaving the wedding... heading to Florida for our honeymoon!


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