A Photo Review of the Past Seven Months… Part One

I thought it would be fun to post some pictures that I’ve taken from our trips and daily life over the past seven months. Life has been busy, fulfilling and fun with my dear husband, Samson! 


Our Wedding Day, January 9, 2010!

On the beach of Ft. Lauderdale, FL for our honeymoon!

Side by side in the sand...

Even the Alligators in the Everglades were in love 🙂

A lovely tropical garden in Key West, FL

On the front of the boat that took us to the Coral Reef to snorkel- the first time ever for me!!

My handsome husband on our last evening in Key Largo!

Sitting close on the dock...

Key Largo Camp Ground, last day of our honeymoon, where we stayed in a cute little camper 🙂

A photo shoot for Samson's website- my husband teaching me the proper way to hold my paddle!


Celebrating our one month anniversary with sparkling grape juice and tasty slices of our wedding cake

Ahh!! We love each other!

The day we told our families that we were expecting a baby in October!

Three of my brothers enjoying our hot tub! 🙂

Driving to St. Louis, MO, for table-tennis practice before going to US National Trials in TX

St. Louis Arch

I wonder how they keep the hot water hot, especially in the winter?!


Samson playing in the US National Trials, Fort Worth, TX

We thought this shadow picture was cute, since I was early pregnant and my purse kinda looks like a pregnant belly in the shadow!

On our way to Liberty Day with my family, at Lake Michigan beach

Liberty Day Conference in IL (last year I was single, this year married with a little one on the way!)

Get-together with friends 🙂

My brother Jonathan and his finacee, Christine, on the evening of their engagement. Congratulations!

New York City in the background, touring the area before a tournament

Not the best self-portrait, but we did get the Statue of Liberty in the background!

On the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty

A replica of Lady Liberty's ear

Yes, I was being funny!! Lady Liberty's foot...

Standing at the base of the Statue of Liberty with the wind rushing across our faces

Ellis Island

Luggage exhibit in the entry-way

The registry room from the balcony view- huge and beautiful! I tried to imagine people from all different countries standing in rows waiting to get into America, the sound of many languages mixed in the air.

We could only imagine the scenes of families being re-united after a separation of months or years.

The ferry arrives!

A side-street view of New York City- there were people and cars everywhere!


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