A Photo Review of the Past Seven Months… Part 2


First Easter Together!

Breakfast with some girlfriends

Samson preparing a surprise family birthday party for me! I was very surprised and blessed by my dear husband!

Reading a card from my sweet sister Rachel 😉

Joseph with his birthday balloon head-gear!

My brothers amusing my nephew Caleb with a balloon- he thought it was hilarious!!

A birthday picture with my beloved!

Spring 2010

Beautiful flowering tree!

I visited the AiG Creation Museum in KY while Samson was practicing with a friend

Look out!!

Centerpiece for Christine's bridal shower at my parent's home; Jonathan, Christine and her parents came up for a visit and stayed at our home for the weekend. Fun memories!

A lovely dessert!

Opening their gifts...

Christine (Chrissy) with her mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-laws!

Sisters- Melody, Chrissy, Rachel and me

We traveled to TN to spend a few days at Newgy, the table tennis company who sponsors Samson and the company who makes table tennis robots

On our way home we stopped at Mammoth Cave, and took a tour of one of the many caves

Fat Man's Misery

Someone was kind enough to take a picture of the two of us~


Samson hosted his own table tennis tournament, and the evening before the tournament he taught a junior clinic. It was well attended and all the children had a lot of fun!

The evening before the tournament the draws had to be made for all the players... it was a late evening.

Some of the players

Winners of the Under 1200 Event

Winners of the Under 2000 Event

Winners of the Open Event and the officials who helped us run the tournament

Rachel & Marissa helping to roll up special flooring from the main court after the tournament- both our families were a big help!

My friend Jessica and I hosted a baby shower for Melody at our church. It was a fun evening!

The cute cake our pastor's wife made for the shower!

Opening a gift...

One of the little girls, Elizabeth, showing off an adorable handstitched bib someone made as a gift.

Josiah showed up towards the end of the shower to escort his wife home- aren't they a cute couple?! 🙂

I wanted to get a "baby bump" picture before Melody gave birth. I know mine barely shows, but it was still fun!!

Samson played in a tournament near Washington DC, so we went a day early and did some site-seeing!

My handsome man!

We toured the Botanical Gardens... so many different plants and lovely flowers!


Samson "sitting" on a cactus!

A lady was kind enough to take our picture in front of the Capital Building

President Samson Dubina. (I would vote for him, wouldn't you?)

The next weekend we drove to Lancaster, PA, where Samson taught a table tennis clinic, and on our way home the sun was setting in the mountains, beautifully lighting up the sky!

While we were gone, Baby Corban was born! Samson and I visited him as soon as we got back 🙂

On Memorial Day most of my family came over to help us reckon with some plants that were overgrown in our side flower-bed. This picture was taken after much of the work had been done.


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