A new nephew, Job Arthur!

~Melody and Job~

I’m an auntie again! My brother, Josiah, and sister-in-law, Melody, had their second child, a chubby little boy on Tuesday… his name is Job Arthur and he weighed 9 lbs. 10 oz and was 21″ long. Samson, Fiona and I were able to visit them the other day and admired Job’s cute little newborn face! He smelled just like a new baby, fresh out of the womb- Ah! I loved it!! Fiona didn’t pay much attention to Job yet, but she was fasinated with Job’s older brother, Corban, who moves much faster and likes to talk to her. 😉 Corban and Fiona were playing with my brother, Uncle Justin, the other day when they came for a visit, and I snapped a cute picture of the three of them.


One thought on “A new nephew, Job Arthur!

  1. Dear Heather , I’ve only met you a few times and I’m Melody’s old neighbor. Well, I’m not that old! The pictures of your new family and the beautiful stories you tell have been an inspiration to me as have Melody’s for a while now so I thought I should let you know. What a beautiful little girl you have and family. Love, Debbie

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