Scrapbook of pictures from recent trips and daily life

Over the past couple of months we’ve taken several trips to various places for tournaments or training purposes for Samson’s job. I thought it would be fun to post some pictures. I hope to post pictures of our most recent trips soon. 🙂

Trip to Florida in June for a tournament

First time in a pool for Fiona... sucking her thumb for comfort!

Fiona liked experiencing the ocean

Looking pretty next to Daddy

Family picture!

Riding on Daddy's shoulders, blowing raspberries... Fiona's favorite place to be

Funny face Fiona!

Mother-daughter shot

She just learned to stick out her tongue... silly girl!

Coming home from the US Open in WI (See the sunset in the background? It was beautiful!)


First taste of applesauce... it was a little cold so she made a funny face!

With Uncle Timothy on the 4th of July

Aunt Rachel reading to Fiona

Summer cuteness with Daddy

Pigtails for Fiona!

Such a sweetie!

Mommy's little helper in training

"Here, Mom!"

Looking at the animals at Rolling Ridge Ranch in Amish Country

Touching the llama

Patting the horse with Daddy

Enjoying a summer walk with Mommy

"Did you say you needed a container, Mom?"

At the Akron Zoo with Aunt Rachel

Jelly fish

Really neat jelly fish

With cousin Corban!

A shot of the whole group

Another neat shot of all of us

My mom, sister Rachel, and brothers Timothy, Justin, Joseph and Martin

Daddy having fun giving Fiona a bath!

Daddy "reading" from the book 'How to be a Lady"

I love how she likes looking at her daddy!

On our side porch

Inspecting a flower

"Hello, everyone!"

Raspberry growing in our flowerbed

Fiona, Job and Corban- Cousins three!

Fiona and Corban


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