Happy 1st Birthday Fiona!

Fiona the day she was born!

The Lord brought our dear daughter, Fiona, into the world on this day last year. The past year has been full of fun “firsts” with Fiona: first outing; first car ride; first airplane trip; first smile; first bath; first time rolling over from her tummy to her back; first hockey game (she watched!); first tournament watching Daddy play table tennis; first word, “Dadada”; first time crawling; first swim; first food… The Lord has blessed Fiona with very good health in her first year- she hardly had a sniffle! She is such a blessing to Samson and me. Our home has much joy and laughter because of her smiling face.

We celebrated her birthday today with both sides of the family gathering at our house… about 25 people! Fiona was a little overwhelmed, but she enjoyed herself and is taking a long nap now after such an exciting day. 🙂

Showing her how to blow out her candle

Happy Fiona!

Getting a "grasp" of how to eat a cupcake- she loved it!

Seeing how her new baby doll can "suck" its' thumb

Cupcakes I decorated

Fiona's fancy cupcake


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