The flowers in my garden

We are having unusually warm weather this March, even though the official day of spring isn’t until tomorrow. Spring is one of my favorite seasons! Usually the winter seems long even in the midst of the sparkling snow. This year, we had a mild winter. Add to that a two week vacation to the Florida Keys and you can call me spoiled! I was expecting to come home at the end of February and experience winter for a month or two. But the weather has not really gotten that cold considering what it normally is like here in Ohio. The warm March weather has caused many plants to start budding and flowers to burst into bloom! I missed taking a picture of the crocus- the first herald of spring, but this afternoon Fiona and I went for a walk and then I snapped a few pictures of the flowers blooming in our garden. Of course my favorite “flower” is Fiona! 🙂

Delicate hyacinth

Bright and joyful daffodils!

"Do you see this leave, Mommy?"

Happy to go on a walk!

My Mom hosted a surprise 18th birthday luncheon tea for my sister, Rachel, on Saturday. She was very surprised and blessed by all the ladies who came! Here is a picture of us with some of our relatives.

Back row- Grandma D., Melody, My Mother
Front row- Aunt Kathy, Grandma R., Rachel, Me
Celebrating Rachel's 18th birthday with a surprise party!

And because I couldn’t resist adding this picture to this post, here is a fun one!

Fiona with her cousins!
L to R- Corban and Job (my brother and sister-in-laws boys), Fiona, Caleb and Judah (Samson's sister and brother-in-laws boys)

The other day my sister-in-law, Melody, had a play day which included both sets of Fiona’s cousins! We lined them up for a picture, and surprisingly it turned out really well! Aren’t they cute?! 😉


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