My little helper

She was pretending to scrub the floor!

As Fiona has started to be more interested in my daily work around the home, I’ve tried to incorporate her little hands to help alongside mine. My Mom (and also my Dad) trained me from a young age to enjoy working. I didn’t come by it naturally by any means! But Mom taught me that work was given to man before the Fall (“The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15), and that it is not part of the curse. The curse was that man would toil at his labor and work by the sweat of his brow, and that woman would have pain in childbirth and have a desire to rule over her husband. So work was part of man’s duty before the fall, and continues to be part of our duty to this day.

I am trying to instill in Fiona the same principles of a good work ethic and doing all things as to the Lord as my parents did in me. Since Fiona is still so young I haven’t explained to her yet that whatever she does should be done as to the Lord, but I plan to start instructing her once she starts talking and understanding more. Right now, any new thing I show her she loves to do! So while she has a desire to learn, I plan to train her to like working and helping out in our home. Granted, I have to be patient with her work and it may take a little longer to do my work, but in the long run I know I will reap the benefits of training her while she is young. Children are such a blessing from the Lord, and we are so grateful for Fiona!

Helping to put the clothes in the dryer

The cute little face that helps me with the dishes now!

Helping to make egg salad for lunch

She loved peeling an egg and then helping me mix up the egg salad. She must be a true cook because after we mixed it all up she stuck her little fingers into the bowl and tried a small handfull to see if all the right ingredients were in it!


4 thoughts on “My little helper

  1. What a precious helper she is! You are very blessed, Heather 🙂
    Thanks for the good reminder to do all things as “unto the Lord”–that is certainly a theme verse for the homemaker/wife/mother!

  2. I so loved seeing little Fiona learning to work and help along side you and I want to incorporate your Bible lesson as I work around the house/ landscape. Really lovely. Love, Debbie

  3. With a pregnant belly, I find it especially helpful to have little short people in the house who can pick up what you drop and reach into the dryer without bending over. 🙂 Good training, mom. 🙂

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