Little Single Days


Recently I was talking with a friend from church about being worried about the future and what it might bring. We plan our trips to tournaments and clinics months in advance, and I was relaying to her how I feel like it is already the end of the year and it is only September! While I was unmarried, my family didn’t go on many trips, so we mostly planned things a month or so in advance. I’ve had to make the adjustment to planning things in advance with Samson’s coaching and tournament schedule. Now I am endeavoring to not worry about how I will go to a future tournament with two little ones. I love traveling with my husband and children! But let’s just say traveling with two under two can be somewhat interesting at times! 😉 Thankfully, we have family who have graciously offered their help, so I am blessed to have help coming our way. Reading this today was a fresh reminder to take each day as it comes, and to not worry about the future.

Little Single Days

(J.R. Miller, “Daily Bible Readings in the Life of Christ” 1890)

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each
day has enough trouble of its own!” Matthew 6:34

One reason which our Lord gives against anxiety for the future, is that we have
nothing to do with the future. God gives us life by days–little single days. Each
day has . . .

  its own duties, 
  its own needs, 
  its own trials and temptations, 
  its own griefs and sorrows.

God always gives us strength enough for the day. But if we insist on dragging in
tomorrow’s cares and piling them on top of today’s cares–our strength will not be
enough for the load. God will not give additional strength–just to humor our whims
of worry and distrust.

So the lesson is, that we should keep each day distinct–and attend strictly to
what it brings to us. Charles Kingsley says:”Do today’s duty, fight today’s
temptation–and do not weaken and distract yourself by looking ahead to things
which you cannot see, and could not understand if you saw them.” We really have
nothing at all to do with the future–except to prepare for it, by doing the duties
of today with fidelity.

No one was ever crushed by the burdens of one day. We can always get along with our
heaviest load–until the sun goes down. Well, that is all we ever have to do.
Tomorrow? Oh, you may have no tomorrow; you may be in Heaven. If you are here–God
will be here too, and you will receive new strength sufficient for the new day.

“As your days–so shall your strength be!” Deuteronomy 33:25


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