Postcards from Canada

After nearly 11 hours of driving, Fiona didn’t want to look at the camera!

Fiona loves playing with all the new toys at the house where we are staying.

Daddy and Fiona (with the Parliment buildings in Ottawa, Ontario, in the background)

Daddy showing Fiona how to touch the water! She was scared to try it herself.

Fiona likes Kenzie laying on her back~ they are getting to be such good friends!

Getting a tour of the back of an ambulance from our paramedic friend, Matt, and his brother Tim and soon to be sister-in-law, Galina!

The girls love the swings in the backyard!

Kenzie is 4 months old now!

First time playing in the sand box… she didn’t want to come in she was having so much fun!

Kenzie enjoying her thumb while Fiona played at the park.

A squiggly slide at the park!

Enjoying the fall colors at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park, Quebec…

Daddy and his girls!

~The four of us~


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