The Sovereignty of God

I recently learned that R.C. Sproul Jr.’s daughter passed away at the beginning of this month, and after reading this letter by John Newton, I found it to be a timely reminder on the sovereignty of God. This letter came to me the other day from Grace Gems, a collection of ageless, sovereign grace, devotional writings. They have a daily devotional email which I have recently signed up for and been greatly blessed by.

Tribulations, Difficulties, and Disappointments

(Letters of John Newton)

“Beloved, now we are
    children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We
    know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see
    Him just as He is!” 1 John 3:2

Let us not be greatly discouraged at the many
      tribulations, difficulties, and
                  disappointments which lie in the path which
              leads to glory–seeing that our Lord has foretold us of
              them, has made a suitable provision for every case we can
              meet with, and is Himself always near to those who call
              upon Him in His almighty strength–as a sure refuge,
              and a never-failing, ever-present help in every
              time of trouble!

Note likewise, that He Himself was a man of sorrows, and
              acquainted with grief for our sakes. He drank off the
                full cup of unmixed wrath for us–shall we then
              refuse to taste of the cup of affliction
              at His appointment, especially when His wisdom and
              love prepare it for us, and proportion every
              circumstance to our strength? He puts it into our hands,
              not in anger but in tender mercy–to do us
              good, to bring us near to Himself; and He sweetens every
              bitter draught, with those comforts which none but He can

The time is short, the world is passing
              away, all its cares and all its vanities will soon be at
              an end! Yet a little while, and “we shall see Him
              as He is!” Every veil shall be taken away–every seeming
              frown be removed from His face–and every tear wiped away
              from ours! We shall also be like Him!

You might also be blessed by this video that Joni and Friends put together a few years ago about Shannon Sproul.


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