Happy 2nd Birthday Fiona!


On this day two years ago, our sweet Fiona Marie was born! She has matured so much in these past two years. She keeps us laughing with her girly antics (like picking up her purse, finding her keys, blowing us a kiss, saying “bye” and running for the door), finding new places to put things that are in her reach now, trying to figure out what she she is saying (like “uppie” – translation, cup), praying fervently for God to save her soul, and delighting in the sisterly friendship that is budding between her and Kenzie. We thank God for blessing our family with her life!


Fiona on the day she was born

Fiona on her 1st birthday


3 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Fiona!

  1. The guy who fell off a ladder does wish Fiona a very happy birthday! And is also very thankful for her prayers. 🙂

  2. Love this picture of the birthday girl! What a sweetie, I’m a little late on the birthday wishes but give Miss Fiona a big hug from me! ~Amy Jo~

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