~Tea Party~

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I really like tea parties! When I was a girl they weren’t very fancy, but as I grew older my Mom started reading about what to serve at a tea party and the delicacies and finery grew! 🙂 This afternoon the girls and I enjoyed a tea party with some girls and their mother from church. We’ve been planning on this event for a few months and as we had to cancel once before we were so excited it finally happened today!! I kept the spread somewhat simple since we had several younger ladies, but it tasted wonderful nonetheless. The girls enjoyed putting on hats and scarves before the tea and played together so nicely after the tea was done. We can’t wait to have them over again, or to invite more of our lady friends for tea!

Tea Party with Gragg girls 001Tea Party with Gragg girls 002


2 thoughts on “~Tea Party~

  1. Thank you Heather for the lovely picture of Kenzie and Finoa’s tea party. It looks like everyone is having fun. Love, Grandma Jean

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