A Good Reminder for Me…

The Countless Lowly Ministries of the Every-days

(by J.R.Miller, “Help for the Day”)

“She has done what she could!”

Mark 14:8

It is in the everyday of life, that nearly all the world’s

best work is done.

The tall mountain-peaks lift their glittering crests into

the clouds, and win attention and admiration. But it is in the great

valleys and broad plains, that the harvests grow and the

fruits ripen, on which the millions of earth feed their hunger.

In the same way, it is not from the few great and conspicuous

deeds of life that the blessings chiefly come which make the world

better, sweeter, holier–but from the

countless lowly ministries of the every-days, the little

faithfulnesses that fill long years.

“Well done, good servant, because you have

 been faithful in a very little thing”

Luke 19:17



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