Mommy Encouragement

I’ve been reading a book off and on recently that my dear sister-in-law gave me for Christmas called Delight-Full: 31 Days to a Happier Baby… And Wholehearted Motherhood by Kate E. Collins.

Delight-Full Book Cover

I’ve been very encouraged in my role as a mother and thought I would share a few quotes from a chapter I read recently that I found particularly helpful for the stage of life that I am in with our daughters.

When children reach the stage that they question rules and test limits, they are developing a character that is uniquely their own. They are seeking guidance from Mommy and Daddy in the only way they know how. By acting in ways that Mommas see as defiance, they are simply using their baby language to ask: “Are you going to take my hand and lead me ‘in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake (Psalm 23)?’ Will you teach me how to grow the fruits of self control and gentleness in my life? Do you love me enough to see this through?”…

Boundaries in the life of a child show them without words that we love our children too much to leave them to themselves to figure out how to grow up. The Bible teaches that a child left to himself brings his mother to shame…

Babies need Mommas who won’t give up on them when they have difficult days. Babies need Mommas who will carefully watch the makings of their hearts, helping them to cull the selfishness and the whininess and planting the seeds of grace and gentleness. Babies need Mommas who will help them to guard their hearts, for out of our hearts grow the true stuff of life (Proverbs 4:23)…

Christian Mommas need to be studiers of the hearts of our children. We need to discover what they’re “made of” and point them to the Lord– praising Him for their strengths, that they might bring glory to Him! And praising Him for their weaknesses, that they might be used to bring glory to Him as well (2 Corinthians 12:9)…


And just for fun, here are a few pictures of our girls…


Smile Big!!!

Thoughtful Fiona~

Thoughtful Fiona~

Trying on Mommy's shoes!

Trying on Mommy’s shoes!

Sitting next to a little snowman about a month ago...

Sitting next to a little snowman about a month ago…

Good-morning smiles!

Good-morning smiles!

Fun times together!!

Fun times together!!

Kisses from big sister- oh my!!

Kisses from big sister- oh my!!

And to finish this post… a cute funny from Fiona: She told me this while having a bout of hiccups the other day, “I keep hicking up!” 🙂


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