Five Year Anniversary and pictures of life these days…

~Five Years Ago my beloved and I were married~

~Five Years Ago my beloved and I were married~

Yesterday Samson and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! Life has been exciting with Samson and I look forward to what the future holds for us. I have grown in the past year in my admiration for all the hard work Samson does to provide for us. He coaches many hours in our basement and often has office work to keep up with on top of coaching. He does this all without complaining! He gets up early to get all his work done, but also to make sure he spends time reading God’s Word before he starts his day. He leads our family in devotions and is helping the girls learn a children’s catechism. He doesn’t get tired of me telling him all the funny (or naughty) things the children do while he is coaching and he listens to me late at night when I need to just talk. He has loved me unconditionally and I am so blessed to be his wife!

Today he is coaching in Pittsburgh and had some beautiful flowers delivered… he spoils me!
I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us as a couple!

And since I haven’t updated my blog in a while I thought I’d throw in a few other pictures…

Papa Dubina reading to the girls.

Papa Dubina reading to the girls.

Look who joined me for breakfast a few weeks ago... a lovely princess and a cute unicorn!

Look who joined me for breakfast a few weeks ago… a lovely princess and a cute unicorn!


Reading together~

Reading together~

The threesome

The threesome

Titus the cute little man!

Titus, our cute little man!

Silly grin~

Silly grin~


All ready to go play in the snow!

All ready to go play in the snow!


Four Years Ago Today…

…I married the man who has become my very best friend! He has shown me true love and tenderness. He has cried with me in the tough times and laughed with me in the good. Through his unconditional love for me he has shown me how Christ loves His bride, the church. I am most honored to be married to this wonderful man!

Gazing into each other's eyes...

Gazing into each other’s eyes…

Celebrating 4 wonderful years of marriage...

Celebrating 4 wonderful years of marriage…

A New Year’s Resolution by Matthew Henry

A New Year’s Resolution

(Matthew Henry)

“My times are in Your hand!” Psalm 31:15

Firmly believing that my times are in God’s hand, I here submit myself and all my affairs for the ensuing year, to the wise and gracious disposal of God’s divine providence. Whether God appoints for me . . . .
health or sickness,
peace or trouble,
comforts or crosses,
life or death–
may His holy will be done!

All my time, strength, and service, I devote to the honor of the Lord Jesus–and even my common actions. It is my earnest expectation, hope, and desire, my constant aim and endeavor–that Jesus Christ may be magnified in me.

In everything I have to do–my entire dependence is upon Jesus Christ for strength. And whatever I do in word or deed, I desire to do all in His name, to make Him my Alpha and Omega. I have all from Him–and I would use all for Him.

If this should prove a year of affliction, a sorrowful year to me–I will fetch all my supports and comforts from the Lord Jesus and stay myself upon Him, His everlasting consolations, and the good hope I have in Him through grace.

And if it should be my dying year–then my times are in the hand of the Lord Jesus. And with a humble reliance upon His mediation, I would venture into the eternal world looking for the blessed hope. Dying as well as living–Jesus Christ will, I trust, be gain and advantage to me.

Oh, that the grace of God may be sufficient for me, to keep me always a humble sense of my own unworthiness, weakness, folly, and infirmity–together with a humble dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ for both righteousness and strength.


(May this be my resolution as well, as 2014 draws near…)

~Tea Party~

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I really like tea parties! When I was a girl they weren’t very fancy, but as I grew older my Mom started reading about what to serve at a tea party and the delicacies and finery grew! 🙂 This afternoon the girls and I enjoyed a tea party with some girls and their mother from church. We’ve been planning on this event for a few months and as we had to cancel once before we were so excited it finally happened today!! I kept the spread somewhat simple since we had several younger ladies, but it tasted wonderful nonetheless. The girls enjoyed putting on hats and scarves before the tea and played together so nicely after the tea was done. We can’t wait to have them over again, or to invite more of our lady friends for tea!

Tea Party with Gragg girls 001Tea Party with Gragg girls 002

Happy 1st Birthday, Kenzie Joy!

~The birthday girl~

~The birthday girl~

Earlier this week we celebrated Kenzie’s first birthday! She has matured so much over the past twelve months and is becoming quite funny and is usually very joyful.

Kenzie really enjoyed the banana chocolate cake I made for her birthday, as evidenced by these pictures!

"Banana cake sure is yummy! I wonder why I've never had cake before?" :-)

“Banana cake sure is yummy! I wonder why I’ve never had cake before?” 🙂

"Do you like my chocolate face?"

“Do you like my chocolate face?”


"Can we have this every day, Mommy?!"

“Can we have this every day, Mommy?!”

Happy 2nd Birthday Fiona!


On this day two years ago, our sweet Fiona Marie was born! She has matured so much in these past two years. She keeps us laughing with her girly antics (like picking up her purse, finding her keys, blowing us a kiss, saying “bye” and running for the door), finding new places to put things that are in her reach now, trying to figure out what she she is saying (like “uppie” – translation, cup), praying fervently for God to save her soul, and delighting in the sisterly friendship that is budding between her and Kenzie. We thank God for blessing our family with her life!


Fiona on the day she was born

Fiona on her 1st birthday

Happy Birthday Samson!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my dearly beloved husband and much loved father of our girls, Samson!

I am so glad God blessed our world with your life. Your love of the Lord and your desire to please Him spur me on to love our great God and Savior more deeply. I appreciate you taking the time to wash me with the water of the Word each day. Watching you play with our girls gives me more pleasure than you know! They love their “daddy time”! Thank you for providing for your family so well- you work so hard. I am honored to be your wife!

~I love you~

Enjoying a birthday walk at the park.

Poor little rabbit- what happened to your ears?!

Fiona was keeping her eyes on the cake 🙂

The birthday cheesecake!

The cheesecake was delicious (if I may say so myself!)! I used this recipe from All… you should try it sometime!

Welcome Kenzie Joy!!!

Kenzie Joy Dubina

We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter, Kenzie Joy Dubina! She was born on June 10, 2012 at 11:30 a.m., weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. Fiona is a proud big sister and loves running to Kenzie’s bassinet to show off her “baby”! She has tried saying her name, but the best she can do so far is say “Z”. 😉

We are adjusting well to life with two little girls. And yes, we have a lot of pink floating around our house now!!

The girls in their matching shirts!

Sister love…

Samson has been such a blessing to me while I have been recovering. He often wakes up with Fiona in the morning and takes care of her while I get a little extra sleep or nurse Kenzie. They like to go jogging together (Samson pushes Fiona in a jogging stroller) and sometimes they bring me back a little bouquet of freshly picked flowers! I love seeing Samson love his little girls and how much they like being cuddled and kissed by their daddy. Truly I am blessed to have such a wonderful man to call my beloved husband!

Daddy and his girls!